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How to opt New Tax Rates for ongoing Real Estate Projects

10 factors to opt for new Tax Rates for ongoing Real Estate Projects?

As per the new taxation scheme for Real Estate Promoters under GST effective from 1st April, 2019 whereby promoters have to decide till 10th of May, 2019 whether they opt for existing tax system for their ongoing projects or else they will be considered to enter the new tax regime. Both the option has their own benefits which the promoters must excise. The following are the important questions they must answer before taking such an important decision:
Important Q to decide for Option for ongoing project:

  1. Project REP or RREP for all project?
  2. Future plans for new projects?
  3. Total Project wise Input Tax from 1.7.2017 till 31.3.2019?
  4. No of apartments under each project?
  5. Size of Apartments as per carpet area?
  6. Total Value of each apartments?
  7. Total Apartments booked till 31.3.2019?
  8. % invoicing for booked apartments?
  9. % receipts for invoicing make for booked apartments?
  10. % completion as on 31.3.2019?
  11. No. of commercial apartments?
  12. Size of Commercial Apartment according to Carpet area?

Authored by CA Sanjay Kumar Agrawal and can be reached sanjay@dsrvindia.com Disclaimer: Anything written in this document is the personal understanding of the author. The author shall not be responsible for any of the decision made based on the contents of this document.

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