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Starting a business in India is a great choice! The Government of India has supported it by taking initiatives like Digital India, foreign investment-friendly policies, and tax incentives. Although the process is straightforward, it can be tricky, especially for foreign companies. That's where D S R V and Co LLP, one of the leading CA firms in Gurgaon, comes in.

We at DSRV, offer excellent business setup services, including international tax consulting, to help with tax planning right from the start of your business journey. So, if you have any plans for business setup in India, get in touch with us right away!

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Different Options To Do Business Set Up In India

Whether you are interested to do a company registration in Delhi or other cities, there are number of options available for foreigners -

Liaison Office

It is an intermediary between the parent company and the foreign business entity.

Project Office

A project office being executed by a foreign company on behalf of an Indian company.

Branch Office

A branch office is a subsidiary of the main company, serving to expand operations in various locations.

Wholly-owned subsidiary

It is a business entity where one-hundred percent shares are with the Holding Company.

Joint Venture

A Joint Venture is a collaborative partnership where two or more entities unite for mutual benefit.

Sole Proprietorship

It is the simplest business entity where any individual can become the business’s wholesale owner.


This is a form of business that is started between two or more individuals.

Private LTD Company

A private limited company is a legal entity separate from its owners, limiting liability and ownership.

Public LTD Company

It is a publicly traded entity that issues shares to the general public for investment.

Some Surprising Benefits Of Business Setup In India

You might have already made the final decision for company incorporation in India but we’re sharing some additional good news for company registration in India.

  • Positive Growth Areas

    India offers growth opportunities in digitalization, sustainable production, infrastructure, and trade facilitation, creating a favorable environment for enterprises.

  • Thriving Startup Ecosystem

    India ranks as the third-largest startup ecosystem globally, with over 116,679 recognized ventures, providing a thriving environment for entrepreneurs.

  • E-commerce Advantages

    Starting an e-commerce firm in India in 2024 gives benefits such as worldwide reach, 24/7 availability, reduced operational expenses, and better client reach.

  • Startup India Scheme

    The Startup India Scheme intends to decrease regulatory requirements on businesses, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

  • Cost-Effective Setup:

    Due to the low cost of living, the expense of establishing and running a business in India is significantly lower compared to advanced economies.

  • Vast Trade Network

    India's extensive trade network opens doors to global markets, boosting international company expansion and trade relations.

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Steps Required To Do Business Set Up In India

Before getting a company registered or company registration in India, the following steps are to be followed for its incorporation-

Application For Approval Of Name

Select a suitable name for your company, a maximum of 6 names. The name should not violate the provisions of emblems and names (Prevention of Improper Use Act, 1950), and should not be similar to the name of any other already registered company.

Preparing The MoA

Ensure that the Memorandum is signed and stamped properly. The MoA is required to be signed by a minimum of 7 persons in case of a public company and 2 persons in case of a private company. The Memorandum should be dated on a date after the date of signing.  

Preparing The Articles Of Association

Like the Memorandum, the Articles is also required to be properly stamped and signed. In case of a public limited company, it may not file its own Articles of Association, instead it may adopt model clauses prescribed in Table A, Schedule 1 of the Act.

Filing The Form

Log in to the portal and fill the required e-forms such as forms 1, 18, 32 and attach the mandatory documents. After filling the forms, attach the digital signature and submit the form. Pay the registration fees and send the physical copy of MoA to the RoC.

Obtaining The Incorporation Certificate

After the processing of form is completed and corporate identity is generated, the RoC will issue the Certificate of Incorporation. The date of incorporation of the company is mentioned in the certificate.

Obtaining Certificate Of Commencement

The final step involves obtaining Certificate of Commencement of Business. A public company is required to obtain a Certificate of Commencement of Business before it can actually commence its business.

Why Choose Us For Business Set Up In India?

Learn why we are your best option for setting up a company in India -

  • Serving Clients Since 1987

    We've been helping businesses succeed for over 30 years, and providing full support to setup a company in India.

  • 3000+ Clients Served From Various Industries

    We are trusted by over 3000 clients in a various industries and provide best solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • One Point Contact

    Stay connected effortlessly with a single committed contact, simplifying communication for a smooth experience.

  • Transparent Pricing

    We offer the most affordable company setup cost in India which promotes trust and financial transparency.

  • Time Saving

    Our streamlined processes save you time, letting you focus on what matters most—growing your business.

  • Special Services For Foreign Nationals

    We provide extra support for foreigners looking for business setup services in India ensuring a smooth process.

Services Offered By Our Tax Firm In India
Your Journey To A Bright Future Starts Here!

Our Proven Expertise In Company Setup India

DSRV India is your reliable partner to register online business in India, whether you are an Indian firm or foreign entity. We specialise on guiding you through the laws and compliance, ensuring a smooth transition. As a leading consultant, we provide valuable insights and tips, making the journey of new company setup in India straightforward and efficient. Our services include purchasing, preparing, and filing relevant documents with the Registrar of Companies. We also offer significant advice on FEMA and RBI compliance, assisting in the formation of wholly-owned subsidiaries and the establishment of project/branch/liaison offices.

How We Can Help You To Do Business Setup In India?

Setting up a private limited company in India is now no more a headache! Our experts can help you obtain the necessary licenses and permits.

Smart Entry Strategy Advice

Craft a winning entry plan with our expert advice, ensuring smart strategies to smoothly register an online business in India.

Choosing Your Business Location

Optimize your chances of success by choosing the best business location in India with the help of our expert advice.

Setting Up Company/Branch/Liaison

Our CA expertise simplifies the process of setting up of business in India effortlessly, be it a branch, or liaison office.

Opening Bank Accounts And Financing

Navigate financial success with the help of our accounting firm. We help with smooth bank account openings and strategic funding for your company.

Getting Regulatory Approvals

Rely on our CA firm for quick regulatory approvals, providing a smooth path for your business setup in India.

Staying Compliant Always

Ensure continuous compliance with Indian rules and regulations, backed by our accounting firm's continued support for your company.

Effortless Accounts And Payroll

Streamline your business operations with our CA firm's experience, which includes simple account and payroll management solutions.

Smooth Fund Transfers

Experience seamless fund transfers with our CA firm’s guidance, ensuring FEMA/RBI compliance for your business setup in India.

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FAQs On Business Setup In India

Get straightforward answers starting from registration steps to ideal businesses for beginners.

How to start a business in India?

To start a business in India, complete these procedures - Choose a business structure, Register your company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India, Get a PAN (Permanent Account Number) for taxation, Open a business bank account, meet any industry-specific needs.

What is the best business to start in India?

The best business is based on your talents and interests. Popular choices include e-commerce, food and beverage, technology, healthcare, and education.

What is the cost of starting a business in India?

The initial investment varies greatly. It might range from a few thousand to several lakhs, depending on the type and size of your business.

Which business is best in India for beginners?

Beginners should focus on businesses with low entrance barriers such as Freelance Services and online sales. small-scale manufacturing, and consulting.

Can a foreigner start a business in India?

Yes, foreigners can create businesses in India. They can choose from a variety of business structures, including a liaison office, branch office, or wholly-owned subsidiary.

What advantages does India's vast population provide to businesses?

A huge population creates a diverse consumer base, allowing firms to meet a wide range of requirements and interests.

What are the main benefits of conducting business in India?

India offers a massive consumer base, low operational costs, a comprehensive tax system, and access to a strong financial system and vast trade network.

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