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What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

Traditionally, Business Process Outsourcing has been a management tool available not only to large companies but also to small and medium companies. These companies saved millions in monitory terms as well as much in non-monitory terms by outsourcing their LOW OR NO VALUE ADDITION ACTIVITIES, such as Accounting, Finance and Human Resources to specialized service providers.

As a reputed chartered accountant firm in India, we provide business process outsourcing, consulting and accounting system implementation to small, emerging growth and concept-stage businesses. We pride ourselves on providing business process management solutions for back-office needs. Our Associates include experienced CAs, ICWAs, CSs, MBAs, Advocates, and Accountants.

What Can Be Outsourced?

Learn the benefits of outsourcing from a reputable tax consultant in Gurgaon. From finance to compliance, explore what tasks can be outsourced for streamlined business operations

  • CFO/Controller Consulting
  • Financial Statement Preparation under IFRS, Ind AS and US GAAP
  • Payroll Processing
  • Raising or Renegotiation of Bank Debt
  • Tax Strategy and Minimization
  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Planning
  • Preparation of Audit Work papers for Year-End Audit
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Statutory Compliance under various Acts as Applicable
  • Litigation Handling and support
  • Implementation of Accounting Software
  • Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Goods and Services Tax Compliance and Audits
  • Employee Benefits and Compensation Strategies
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How Outsourcing Is Different?

Explore the game-changing impact of outsourcing with us. Discover how this smart technique may optimize your business processes and drive long-term success.

  • Work is to be performed by experienced professionals
  • Cost is known and fixed
  • A long-term commitment is not required
  • Expectations and deadlines are mutually agreed and consistently met
  • Experts are always available for special projects
  • A policy and procedure manual is prepared and kept up to date
  • A logical, orderly, and neat filing system is established and maintained
  • If full-time staff is eventually required, we can help with recruiting and training
  • After our assignment is completed, we are always available for special projects

Why Choose Us for Business Process Outsourcing?

We are “working consultants” not “button pushers”. We “hit the deck running” – our experience is extensive. In other words, we’ve “been there, done that.” No assignment is too big, too small, too complex or too convoluted for us.

We make ourselves flexible; the client can use us as much, or as little as they wish. Monthly or visit-basis price arrangements are at the discretion of the client. If you are looking for business process management solutions, then feel free to contact us.

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