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Understanding Tax Advisory Services India

Everyone in India is affected by the complex yet intriguing Indian taxes system. The Indian tax system has undergone significant reforms over the past ten years, posing difficulties for large and growing companies, especially those doing business abroad.

The taxation system in India consists of many different taxes, including excise taxes, customs duties, income taxes, and the goods and services tax (GST). Everyone should take time to understand the Indian tax system because it has a direct impact on their financial situation.

Even though it might not seem clear at first, taxation services can be a vital tool for expanding your company. Many business owners lack the time or expertise to manage taxes on their own because they may be a perplexing and demanding subject. This is where taxation services may help; they can offer direction and support to help you make sure you're abiding by all rules and regulations and that you're not skipping out on any possible tax benefits or savings.

By utilizing tax advisory services India, you can concentrate on what you do best—run your business—while leaving the specifics of taxation in the hands of the professionals.

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Types Of Taxation Services

Direct Taxes 

Direct tax services are imposed directly on people or other entities and cannot be transferred to another party. Income tax, wealth tax, and capital gains tax are some examples of direct taxes in India.

Indirect Taxes

Indirect tax services are imposed on the production, sale, and consumption of products and services. The indirect taxes are passed on to the final consumer as part of the product or service cost. GST (Goods and Services Tax), excise tax, and customs duty are a few examples of indirect taxation services in India.

Goods And Service Taxes

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax, which is an indirect tax imposed on the sale of goods and services in India. Several indirect taxes were replaced by it, including the value-added tax (VAT), service tax, and central excise duty. Depending on the kind of goods or services, different rates of GST are applied.

Income Tax

Income tax services are a type of direct tax that is imposed on the earnings of people, businesses, and other types of entities. It is based on a slab system, where varying rates are applied depending on income.

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax return services are a direct tax levied on the profits earned by companies and other corporate entities. The corporate tax rate in India is 25% for companies with a turnover of up to Rs. 400 crores and 30% for companies with a turnover above Rs. 400 crores.

Customs Duty

Customs duty is an indirect tax imposed on the import and export of commodities. It is dependent on the value of the products and the customs tariff that applies to that specific item.

Excise Duty

Excise duty is an indirect tax imposed on the manufacture and production of commodities in India. It is levied on the cost of producing items and is included in the price of the final product.

Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

The sale and purchase of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives, are subject to this tax. It is a direct tax imposed on the securities' transaction value.

Property Tax

A local tax imposed on the ownership or transfer of real estate is known as a property tax. Local governments, such as municipalities or panchayats, are in charge of collecting it.

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We at "DSRV India" are aware that taxes can be a complicated subject for many people and organizations. We're here to help you because of that. We provide a variety of taxation services in India to help businesses grow their organizations. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable tax consultants who are familiar with how the Indian taxes system operates. They are always ready to help you in navigating the complexities of the Indian taxation system, maximize your tax planning, and reduce your tax payments.

We stand out from the competition because we think that each person and company deserves individualized care and specialized solutions. Our team of specialists has the training, experience, and tools necessary to offer you accurate and efficient taxation advisory services. Regardless of size, we treat every customer with the same respect and tailor our tax advisory strategies to meet their unique needs. To learn how we may assist you with taxation services, get in touch with us right away.

Tax Advisory Services By Dsrv India

Being the most trusted tax advisory firm, we offer the following tax advisory services to businesses and individuals.

Direct Taxation Services

We specialize in offering direct tax consulting services to both corporate and individuals. Our team of professionals is well-versed in dealing with a variety of direct taxation issues, such as income tax, capital gains tax, and corporate tax. To guarantee that our clients comply with tax rules and regulations, we offer individualized and timely tax and advisory services.

Tax Planning Services

  • Individuals
  • Corporates

Addressing matters related to –

  • Black Money Act
  • Benami Property under the Income Tax Act
  • Queries from Income Tax Department
  • Tax effects of buying, selling and starting a business
  • Compliance under Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

Acting as representatives of clients before various entities as and when required, including-

  • Assessing Officer
  • Appellate Authorities
  • Tribunal
  • Advisory Services for Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

DSRV and Co LLP works with an aim to empower you in a way that you stay immuned to the changes impacting your business. We ace in designing tax and legal strategies that protects you from all the regulatory complexities, this includes planning:

  • Tax efficient holding company structuring
  • Selection of jurisdiction keeping in mind the tax and commercial objectives

Appropriate capital structuring while addressing issues like-

  • Ease of funding
  • Tax optimization
  • Business models that ameliorate permanent establishment risks;
  • Cross border treasury and finance
  • Evaluating IP domicile jurisdiction and structuring IP transfer in a tax efficient manner
  • Tax efficient cash repatriation and upstreaming
  • Review of international tax attributes including planning for group Effective Tax Rate reduction

Indirect Taxation Services

We provide comprehensive Indirect Taxation Services to help our clients navigate the complexities of GST compliance. We provide a variety of services to help businesses comply with GST standards. With our expertise, businesses can focus on their core operations with peace of mind that their GST affairs are well-managed. Our Indirect Tax services include:

Complete range of GST compliance and implementation services, including:

  • Filing of returns
  • GST advisory and representation
  • GST audit
  • GST assessment

Assistance in:

  • GST digital compliances
  • GSP services
  • Reconciliation of uploaded data with financial system

Advisory and Representation services relating to:

  • Customs
  • Value Added Tax
  • Excise
  • Foreign Trade Policy Assistance
  • Dealing with pending assessments

International Taxation Services

Our global tax services and business tax services include advisory, compliance, and litigation services. Our professionals have considerable expertise and experience with a wide range of international taxation issues, such as transfer pricing, foreign tax credits, and tax treaty interpretation. We offer tailored solutions to help our clients reduce their global tax burden while remaining compliant with international tax rules and regulations.This encompasses:

Accentuating and planning about:

  • Establishing tax residency
  • Migration of tax residency
  • The best suitable jurisdiction as per the tax and commercial objectives
  • Ascertaining the applicability and mitigation of withholding taxes on cross border payments e.g., interest, royalties, dividends or branch payments
  • Collaborating in the efforts for development, ownership and use of intangible property

Dealing with issues like:

  • Evaluation of foreign tax credits
  • Allocation of expenses principles
  • Permanent establishment risks
  • Avoidance of Double Taxation
  • Compliance with local as well as international tax laws
  • Representation services
  • Transfer Pricing Documentations, Reports, Assessment and Audit under OECD Action Plan 13 & BEPS Plan
  • Withholding tax on foreign remittance in view of new concepts of Multilateral Instruments (MLI) and Most Favoured Nation (MFN), etc.

Other Services

In addition to our Direct and Indirect Taxation Services, our firm offers a range of other services to support our client's business operations. We help clients establish Liaison Offices, Branch Offices, and Permanent Establishments (PE) in India. We also assist clients in obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals required to conduct business in India.

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Why Choose DSRV India For Taxation Services?

Choosing DSRV India for tax filing services is a good decision for both businesses and individuals. Our team of professionals has considerable expertise and experience in dealing with numerous taxation matters, including direct, indirect, and international tax advisory services. We create customized solutions to match our client's individual needs, and we work closely with them to ensure that businesses comply with tax rules and regulations while maximizing their tax benefits. We are committed to offering personalized and timely services to our clients, and we have a track record of providing high-quality services to our clients. Furthermore, we are known for our honesty, professionalism, and transparency in our tax and consulting services. While working with us you can have a piece of mind that your tax matters are well-managed, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Assistance in setting up:

  • Liaison Office
  • Branch Office
  • Permanent Establishment (PE)
  • Obtaining various licenses and permissions
  • EPC Structuring.
  • Tax Consultancy Services

Who Is A Tax Advisor India?

A tax advisor in India is a financial specialist who advises and guides individuals and businesses on tax-related matters. They are professionals in Indian tax rules and regulations and offer tax advisory services & consulting. Tax consultants also help clients make smart decisions about tax savings, investments, and other financial matters. They may act as individual consultants or as part of a tax consulting firm, delivering thorough and dependable tax advice to their clients to assist them to optimize their financial position.

Why Do You Need A Tax Advisor?

A tax advisor can provide invaluable tax advice India to individuals and businesses who are looking to manage their tax obligations in the most effective way possible. Tax laws and regulations are complex and change regularly, making it difficult for non-experts to keep up with the current requirements and take advantage of any tax benefits. A tax advisor can help you identify areas where you may save money, and ensure that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations. They can also provide expert advice on financial planning and investing selections to help you accomplish your long-term financial goals.

What Does Tax Advisor Do?

A tax advisor can work for a tax firm or independently. In both cases, they are responsible for legally reducing customers' tax liabilities; assist with bookkeeping and accounting, financial planning, and investment strategies. The goal of a tax advisor is to provide expert guidance and support to their clients to help them minimize the tax burden, maximize savings, and achieve greater financial success.

What Does Tax Advisory Services Include?

Tax advisory services India generally includes a variety of services meant to help individuals and corporations better manage their tax responsibilities. A tax advisor analyzes financial statements, identify tax-saving options, and implements tax-minimization plans. They can also help with bookkeeping and accounting, helping to maintain accurate financial records that comply with tax laws and regulations. Other services may include tax audit services, estate planning, and foreign tax matters.


When it comes to professionalism and knowledge in the field of taxation, DSRV India is a shining example. We have developed a great reputation for providing excellent tax services online to many small to large organizations in India. You can depend on the staff at DSRV India to get the best advice and support you need with tax preparation, planning, or resolution. So why settle for less? Take the first step towards financial success with our expert tax consultants to make informed financial decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Taxation Services

What Is Tax Advisory Services?

Tax advisory services are professional advice and support from tax professionals that are given to people and businesses to help them better manage their tax-related issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Taxation Services In India?

Using Indian taxation services can help people and organizations reduce their tax obligations, increase their savings, and improve their financial situation. Tax professionals help you in identifying tax-saving options, create plans to reduce tax obligations, and offer continuous support and guidance.

What Taxation Services Are Offered In India?

In India, a variety of tax services, such as tax planning, compliance, and filing of tax returns, are offered. Tax consultants can also help with estate planning, foreign tax issues, tax audits, and bookkeeping and accounting.

How Much Do Tax Services Normally Cost In India?

The price of tax services in India can differ based on the precise services needed and the intricacy of the tax-related issues involved. Numerous tax consultants charge their fees on the amount of time spent on a project.

How To Choose The Best Tax Advisor In India?

Finding a qualified and experienced professional with a solid reputation in the field is crucial when selecting a tax advisor in India. Make sure to consider factors such as their qualifications, experience, and the range of services they offer before hiring them.

What Are The Consequences Of Non-Compliance With Tax Laws In India?

Non-compliance with tax laws in India can result in penalties, fines, and legal action. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of tax obligations and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Can Taxation Services In India Help With International Tax Matters?

Yes. In India, several tax services can help with international tax issues, including compliance with foreign tax laws and regulations.

How Can I Minimize My Tax Liability In India?

There is a range of strategies that can be used to minimize tax liability in India, including taking advantage of available tax credits and deductions, investing in tax-efficient vehicles, and developing a long-term tax planning strategy.

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