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An Easy Guide By DSRV India: How To Register A Startup In Gurgaon

Entrepreneurship is a thriving journey, especially in the dynamic landscape of the fast-growing city of Gurgaon. So, if you are a headstrong entrepreneur looking for ways to know, how to register a startup in Gurgaon. Then, as one of the top chartered accountant firms in Gurgaon, DSRV India will guide you through the company registration process. So that, you can turn your dreams into reality. Continue reading with us and learn how to register a company in Gurgaon. 

How To Register A Startup In Gurgaon A Step By Step Guide: Blog Poster

A Brief Overview Of How To Register A Startup In Gurgaon

Gurgaon in India, is probably one of the thriving cities with many IT hubs and multinational companies giving a chance to fresh talents from all over the nation. One of the advantages of company registration in Gurgaon is to boost the economic sustainable growth where high-skilled professionals can build a community of technologically evolved workforce. Therefore, this city's cutting-edge technology and favorable infrastructure are opening doors for many start-ups to have their registered office here. 

Besides, providing tax litigation services and GST litigation services, we can help you with the ways how to register a startup in Gurgaon. So, be a game-changer by understanding the intricacies of the Department for Promotion of Industry and International Trade (DPIIT) for your startup company in India. 

So, read this comprehensive guide that will take you through the procedures, eligibility criteria, and how to set up your company in Gurgaon seamlessly. 

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What Are The Benefits Of DPIIT Registered Company In Gurgaon?

If you are looking for private limited company registration in Gurgaon, it offers a plethora of advantages with the booming innovation and IT sectors. This includes -

  • DPIIT-registered startups can get tax incentives and tax exemptions for the first three years of their business growth.
  • With DPIIT registration, your company name will gain credibility among investors to gain funds from them and government funding schemes. 
  • You can get access to various networking opportunities that will help you share your knowledge and collaborate easily with industry mentors.
  • You can get easy support from the Government and public procurement norms.
  • Gurgaon offers unparalleled growth for growing your business exponentially. 
  • DPIIT safeguards the intellectual property of startup businesses by offering tracking of patent applications.

Eligibility Criteria Of Startups For Company Registration In Gurgaon?

Before you learn how to register a startup in Gurgaon, your startup must meet the basic eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the DPIIT. The criteria for a company registration process in Gurgaon are as follows -

  • Existing Period Of The Startup Entity: Your company should not exceed the timeframe of 10 years from the date of formation, existence, and operations.
  • Company Type: You can only get the benefits of company registration by the DPIIT. If your entity is in incorporation and recognition as a Private Limited Company, Registered Partnership Company, or a Limited Liability Partnership(LLP).
  • Turnover Rate Annually: Your company must have an annual turnover rate of Rs. 100 crore for a fiscal year from the day of formation.
  • Registered Address: The company should have a registered company incorporation office address to continue its business. 
  • Formation Members: Your startup business should have a minimum of 2 Directors and 2 shareholders for company registration under the Companies Act. However, both the Directors and the Shareholders can be the same people. 
  • Signature And Certificate: The Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of the company directors are mandatory.
  • Legal Documents: As the business owner, you have to draft legal documents like AoA and MoA.
  • Residency Type: Among the two directors, one of the owners must be an Indian resident. Or, they must have remained in India for at least 182 years in the previous year. 

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Online Procedure: How To Register A Startup In Gurgaon?

Once you have all the documents required for the online company registration. Like the PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Voter Identification Card, and address proof. You can now obtain the DPIIT certificate in the following steps -

1. Visit The Online Portal Of Startup India

You must open the website of Startup India, and register your company with necessary documents like the Certificate of Incorporation and a draft about your business idea in India.

2. Apply Under DPIIT Recognition

Once you have completed your registration, you now have to submit the required documents under the DPIIT recognition. These documents include the startup's financial statements, LOR, and presentation of your startup model and growth innovation.

3. Evaluation By DPIIT

The DPIIT will take some time to evaluate your information and documents and shall ask for additional information if required about the startup business.

4. Get The DPIIT Recognition Certificate And Number

Once, your start-up documents and business plans are approved by the ministry of DPIIT. You will get your recognition certificate and unique company recognition number. So that, you can register your business in Gurgaon with all the tax benefits.

How DSRV India Can Help You In Company Registration In Gurgaon?

The process of how to register a startup in Gurgaon can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, with years of experience, our experts at DSRV India can help you with experience and guidance. We can help you right from the documentation procedure to the strategic planning for your business growth. 

Our in-depth industry knowledge of legal frameworks can help you mitigate legal compliance and thrive for substantial success over a short period. 

So, are you ready to take your startup in Gurgaon to new heights with DSRV India? 

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Registering your startup with the DPIIT can help you achieve success in the dynamic potential world of Gurgaon in less time. By understanding the registration process, eligibility criteria, and benefits, you can move forward to success and innovation.

You can also check our other services on our website of DSRV India for further assistance. 

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