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Know why getting a registration number or CIN in India should be on your mind. Explore possibilities from the best experts of DSRV India in this blog.

How To Get A Company Registration Number Or CIN In India?: Blog Poster

Starting a business is an exciting journey, but it also involves some important steps, like getting a business registration certificate. Many people may find it difficult to navigate the complications of obtaining a Company Registration Number (CIN) in India. If you've ever had questions concerning the procedure, this article is here to provide clarity. We'll try to understand the fundamentals of corporate identification number and simplify the procedures necessary to obtain one. Continue reading this informative blog to find out how to get a Company Registration Number. 

What Is A Corporate Identification Number?

When a company registers with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in India, it is assigned a unique Corporate Identification Number, or CIN—a 21-character mix of letters and numbers. This unique combination of numbers is crucial in tracking the company's progress, beginning with its inception and continuing through its dealings with the ROC. While obtaining a CIN number can be complicated, especially when done alone, the knowledge of a chartered accountant firm in India comes to the rescue, easing the road to receiving this crucial identity.

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Why Getting A Certificate Of Incorporation Really Matters?

Getting the company registration number In India or a company incorporation certificate is a critical step for your company. It's like having an official stamp stating that your company is legitimate and follows the rules. Having this certificate shows others that your business is trustworthy and operates within the legal system. You can consult our tax consultant in Gurgaon who can help you obtain CIN number online and we also offer various taxation services to help your business work run smoothly and legally. You can view the details of our service by exploring our online website.

Format Of CIN Number

Here are details of the company registration number format –

Listing Status

The initial letter of a CIN number represents the company's registration status, where L signifies listed and U denotes unlisted. 

Industry Code

The next five numbers are like secret codes for the type of business entity. These numbers help us know what kind of work the company does.

State Code

The seventh and eighth numbers indicate the state in which the company is located. For instance, 'MH' stands for Maharashtra. 

Year of Incorporation

The numbers 9 to 12 tell us the date of incorporation. The figures will vary depending on the year the company is registered.

Type Of Company

The following three letters indicate who owns the company. If it is a public corporation, it is referred to as a 'PLC,' and if it is a private business, it is referred to as a 'PTC.'

Registration Number

The last 6 digits correspond to the company's identification number. This can be found on their tax returns.


What Is The Process Of Obtaining CIN From the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs?

Once you've decided what type of business you want to start, follow these simple steps to obtain your unique identification number-

Get a Digital Signature Certificate

To begin the company registration process, you should get a DSC, which serves as your digital signature. This certificate authenticates your identity online and is necessary for a variety of government transactions.

Get Director Identification Number

Get your DIN, which acts as a unique identification number for directors. This one-of-a-kind number identifies you as a director of a company.

Register as a New User For The Registration Process

Begin the procedure by signing up as a new user on the website of the ministry. This includes giving relevant information about the company and your proposed business venture.

Complete Company Incorporation

Continue with the company incorporation process to formalize your company's legal status with the Indian Ministry of corporate affairs. This is the formal beginning of your company's existence.

Incorporate the Company

Formally incorporate your firm to establish it as a separate legal entity.

MCA Evaluation and Approval

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs will review the company information you've provided. This meticulous review ensures compliance with legal norms and the accuracy of the information under the companies act 2013.

Receive Your CIN

Upon successful evaluation and approval, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will provide you with your company’s registration number.

Process Of Checking A Company Registration Number Online

Anyone can check their company name, registration number of the company, shareholder details, state of registration when it is incorporated in India, and documents of the company by visiting the mca portal. Follow the steps given below to check the company registration status on the mca website-

1. First, visit the mca website.

2. Then click on the mca services, and find the FO services option. From there you need to click on the "Find CIN" option.

3. Under the "Find CIN" option, select search based on registration number.

4. Enter the registration number of your company and then click on the search button.

5. You will be able to see a list of firms that have the same registration number as the one you submitted.

6. Next, click on your company name to access the master data of your company.

7. Then select the option "Search based on Inactive CIN" from the particular page.

8. Now, enter the inactive company’s CIN number and click on the search button.

9. This will help you to check the company registration number and details of any company.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs On Corporate Identification Number

Explore answers about how to get a company registration and CIN number in this FAQs section.

What Is A CIN Number?

The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to companies registered in India, serving as their distinct identification for legal and administrative purposes.

How To Apply For CIN?

A company must take the following procedures to apply for a CIN: Register online, obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN), complete business establishment, and await Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) clearance.

Are CIN And GST The Same Thing?

No, CIN (Corporate Identification Number) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) are not the same thing; CIN identifies a corporation, whereas GST is a commercial tax registration.

Is CIN Number Important For Business Entities?

Yes, a CIN (Corporate Identification Number) is necessary for business entities in India because it uniquely identifies them and is required for legal compliance and official recognition.

Benefits Of Having A Company Registration Number And How Can You Get CIN Number

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