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DSRV and Co LLP is a leading global strategy consulting firm that offers you a holistic approach in solving critical business issues.  Our Business Advisory Services specialists offer function-specific expertise in all major areas of business transactions as well as proficiency in the field of Business Performance Management and Business Process Outsourcing. We are dedicated towards strengthening your business and navigating risks that may occur at any point during business proceedings.

We offer a whole range of Business Advisory Services to organisations of all shapes and forms – SMEs, Start-ups, Big corporate, Public sectors, Private sectors, NPOs, etc. Our team is involved through every phase of a transaction including post-transaction processes. We consider it as our responsibility to serve all with the best industry practices.

Our Services Include:

Setting up new business in India or Overseas

Our team of seasoned professionals offer a wide range of services when it comes to setting up a business right from registration to meeting legal and tax compliance, maintaining accounts, documentations and permissions, etc. Whether you want to set up a business in India or anywhere across the globe, we are at your service. We not only provide you insights and legal advice but also extend our support in helping you realizing your dream.

Re-structuring Existing Business

We offer a wide variety of business re-structuring services ranging from business recovery, turnaround plans, contingency planning to efficient exit strategies. Notwithstanding the challenges you are facing, we are determined to identify the most feasible solution to your problem and implement it with great rigour.

Transaction Structuring

We offer our leadership in designing efficient and effective transaction structures. Taking into account the financial and legal aspects, we provide you a number of alternatives. And choose the best action in course. An expeditious diagnosis is followed by a detailed analysis in order to deal with transactions such as- IPO, group re-organisation, demergers, PFI/PPP bid, etc.

Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions are an effective way to revitalize your business operations. We aim to devise innovative and beneficial structures for your M&A needs. Years of experience in domestic and international market combined with present-day strategic techniques helps us in providing you the best M&A approach.

Values We Offer:

  • Maximized returns with minimized risks

We work with an objective to deliver high returns to our clients and to curtail the amount of risks involved. Our every step is designed in a way that it provides maximum benefits to our clients and that they are not deprived of any growth opportunities.

  • Strategies designed to suit you

Every business transaction is different and so are the issues arising from them. Every strategy we design is unique and crafted in a way that suits the needs of your organisation. Our hands-on approach helps us in delivering excellence and valuable insights to our clients.

  • Highly skilled and trained team

We at DSRV and Co LLP are a team of experienced, dedicated and proactive professionals. With our analytic skills, innovative solutions, objective and transparent thinking we try to look for the best in the worst scenarios. We are a team of industry leaders and expert professionals with a global outreach.

We understand that business events can be complicated and must be handled carefully for maximized returns and long-term success. No matter how big or complex the problem is, you will always find DSRV and Co LLP standing by your side. Our work is not just confined to rendering Business advisory Services, rather we work as partners in building your organisation and its perpetual growth.


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